Structure for the Preschooler

Once our youngest turned three it became very apparently that he needed some more structure and I needed some more sanity. I love the guy, but keeping up with him is a task in itself. He is busy, curious, and self-sufficient, which means left on his own he's certain to get into a lot of things I don't want him getting into. My solution? A morning routine with a reward, to start the day off right-- he is highly motivated with rewards.

I wanted a chart I could reuse every day, was cheap, and that he liked. I knew cars would get his attention so I went with that. Plus, I got to use my laminator. It was a win-win.

His favorite part of the chart is that he gets to "drive" the car from the starting line to the finish line complete with "vrooooommmm' sound effects. The sounds effects never fail. I will seriously miss when he no longer makes cute car noises.

This routine is by no means perfect. I wish I had put a snack time on the chart and exchanged bike ride for fitness. Lately we've had to much rain to go on a bike ride. Regardless, it's been a fun chart that my son really enjoys doing.

Of course, you can customize your chart to your household and your child's interests. You could do any theme you wanted! And if you don't want M & M's for a prize choose something else. Maybe the prize is watching a favorite cartoon, playing on the ipad, or choosing a small prize out of a prize bag. We don't have a whole lot of candy at our house so a few M & M's out of a special jar works as a great treat for us.

Look at that cute boy.

If you want to customize your own chart I recommend downloading the word document and changing it to your liking.

To download as a word document click here

To download as a pdf document click here


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