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With fall and the holidays just around the corner, it's not too early to start planning out gift ideas. Got any librarian friends? Any home school friends? I have the perfect gift to help keep their books organized and in order: Looking sticks. 

My friend is a librarian...

I've had this fantastic, naked, solid-wood butcher's block for nearly 11 years.  She has sat sadly bare in 4 different homes (I could never part wither her, she's too solid). I've craved an identity for her,  but lacked the vision, so there she stood in all her naked g...

Once our youngest turned three it became very apparently that he needed some more structure and I needed some more sanity. I love the guy, but keeping up with him is a task in itself. He is busy, curious, and self-sufficient, which means left on his own he's certain to...

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