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It won't be long until you're seeing shamrock everything. Green is already starting to show up Shopko and other stores. The green drinks might already be arriving at Starbucks and McDonald's, so if the approach of March has you craving something green, this shamrock pr...

Yes, I am now the weird girl at the coffee shop that orders a decaf latte at 8 a.m. Even though I get a little made fun of sometimes, it's totally worth it because I feel so much better. Last summer I greatly decreased my caffeine consumption  and now after indulging i...

Typically this time of year I'm whipping up holiday recipes and I'm sure you are too. Actually, I am in the middle of making gingerbread cookies now, but I got hungry for lunch and whipped this veggie stirfry up with some leftovers. I loved it so much I thought I'd pas...

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