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Bacon Dijon Salad

What does summer have you craving? These hot summer days have me wanting anything cool and fresh, but mostly salads and fruit. There's nothing like biting into a cold, juicy, ripe peach after I've been in the heat doing yard work or simply running errands. Yep, around here the sweltering heat can wear you out just on a grocery run. Good thing I have some delectable peaches in the fridge. There's actually no peaches in this recipe, so why I am talking about peaches? Good question....I think I am having a craving. I think I need a peach. Sorry for the rant on peaches. But really, go eat one. You'll be happier. So, no peaches in this blog post (other than my verbal obsession), there is howeve

Revitalize-Your-Hair Wash

My hair hates California water. Its been a sitcky, frizzy mess for months, and full of what feels like product build-up. Which, is odd because other than a defrizzer before I blow dry I don't use any product. At first I thought it was my shampoo so I changed shampoo 4 or 5 times before I finally figured out it's the water. Silly me. I did some research online and found that a water purifier for my showerhead is probably what I need for a long term solution. I needed something NOW, so I did a little more research and discovered that Apple Cider Vinegar could help. To be honest, I was skeptical and about ready to cut all my hair off and start over. But, I relented since that won't help me with

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