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Face Lift For a Bare-Naked Lady

I've had this fantastic, naked, solid-wood butcher's block for nearly 11 years. She has sat sadly bare in 4 different homes (I could never part wither her, she's too solid). I've craved an identity for her, but lacked the vision, so there she stood in all her naked glory for 11 years . She's had many duties over the years: a kitchen butcher's block, a hallway console, a standing desk, and now as the perfect serving table for the back patio where she'll soon proudly display BBQ fixings, lemonade, chips & salsa, and more. Just in time for pool season. Here's what I did to restore her to new life...... 1) Choose a Medium I choose a medium. I went with chalk paint for the base. Only my second

Coconut-Lime Popcorn

Stove-topped popcorn has been a staple at our house for many years. It's the most economical snack around, in my opinion, and it's low-fat which is nice for me. Of course, the kids could care less about how many calories it has. After a while the "natives" started groaning about wanting something less plain, so I started thinking I could spice it up a bit. Popcorn is pretty much a blank canvas and the options are endless. This coconut-lime version reminds me of kettle corn with a tropical twist. It's especially nice for summer with a glass of sparkling water and a twist of real lime. 1 Tbsp. coconut oil 1/4 c. popcorn kernels Heat a pot on the stove over medium heat. When warm, add the cocon

10 Tips to Surviving a Road Trip with Kids

Summer is here and that family road trip you planned is just around the corner. After making the drive from Kansas to California, and California to Kansas, and back again, I am no stranger to LONG car trips. With a little bit of planning ahead you can make your car trip with kids a successful one. I can't guarantee the windows on your van won't blow out in a windstorm--yes that really did happen, but at least you'll have warm, summer weather to insure you won't get stuck in a snow storm for 5 hours either. Yep, that happened too (on the same trip). Definitely a trip we won't ever forget. I can say that whether you'll be traveling 425 miles, 1,226 miles, or 2,499 miles, these 10 tips will ma

Gluten Free Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

I have a daughter who loves anything lemon-just like her mother. She's a self-proclaimed, 8 year- old food critic who wants to own her own bakery some day. I'm pretty sure that she'll accomplish whatever she puts her mind to. That's just how she rolls. So, after weeks of begging me to make lemon poppy seed muffins I came up with these. I knew she would be a tough sell. She'd be comparing my gluten free muffins with the boxed, supermarket, lemon poppy seed, that were her favorite. (You know the ones that are 1,000 calories each). I'm happy to report, the food critic in the house thinks mine are JUST AS GOOD. Whew.... The best part of these babies is the lemon essential oil. It really adds a

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