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Easy Flourless Chocolate Cake

There's beans in that? Believe it or not, there is beans in this flourless chocolate cake, but you'd never know it. This cake is so rich and moist that it satisfies even the strongest chocolate craving. Plus. it's kid and mom approved! My kids love this cake and always ask for seconds. Although I've never served this cake for breakfast, I'm pretty sure I could, it's packed with protein. I do like to pair this cake with something to offset the richness. Good options are fresh fruit, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and my favorite choice---coffee gelato. My mouth is watering just talking about it. Next time you've got company coming and no time to bake whip this up. It's super easy! 1 bag se

Ultimate Grain-Free Waffles

I love carbs--especially in the form of breakfast food. And I'm not talking healthy carbs from vegetables here. I'm talking bread. I love bread. I knew I was eating too much and needed to cut back so I went for a more cave-man approach with more protein, vegetables, and fruits. I knew Saturday pancake/waffle mornings just wouldn't be the same, so I created these. Honestly, I like them better than my spelt and whole wheat flour waffles. I am in love with these. You would NEVER know they are gluten free and Paleo approved. Don't they look so pretty? They taste good too! Give 'em a whirl. I don't think you'll regret it. Note, you can top these waffle with anything your heart desires. My favori

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