about me
Heather Jamison

I'm a western Kansas girl transplanted to northern California and then to the beautiful Rockies of Colorado. I love the wide-open prairie and pink sunsets equally as much as the mountains and lakes. My favorite things are blue skies, flowers, Jesus, family, hospitality, cooking, essential oils, being creative, and Doris Day and Rock Hudson movies. Don't you miss 1960's Hollywood? I'm also a wife to the man who has been my best friend for the past 14 years and we have four super-great kids. Fun fact: the middle two are twins. 


Who's J.R.? J.R. is not a person but a place--Jamison Ranch. Jamison Ranch was homesteaded three generations ago in 1891 or thereabouts. The ranch still operates today in Quinter, KS. where you'll find some registered Herefords and Quarter Horses. Look for periodic features of us visiting the ranch for a much-needed horse fix. You can visit the ranch website here. To me, J.R.'s homestead embodies the adventurous spirit that is the bedrock for the ranchers and pioneers that came before us. Although I am not homesteading any land, I am establishing my own home with my family, no matter where life takes us, with the same spirit of adventure and opportunity our ancestors possessed. In short J.R.'s Homestead embodies the spirit behind those who pioneered ahead of us with the desire to build, hunger to grow, and faith to stand on. 



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